My Early Paintings 1

My early years of paintings were with acrylics on posterboard which was a disaster. My next paintings were acrylics on canvasboard.

I also changed my focus from rock & roll singers to mild surrealism depicting man’s futile attempt to free himself from the bounds of his earthly existence.

The following display is acrylics on canvasboard.

The first is a painting I call time running out which was painted shortly after the family pet was euthanized for old age.

The next one is where man sees himself differently then the world, in spite of women coming out of the woodwork thinking him attractive he only sees his ugly side that is not presented to those around him.

The next painting is about man being attached to his evolved background, the line showing a communication connection. He unknowingly knows that nothing new ever happens and the TV’s show the continuous rerun of his history.

The next painting shows man feeling tied down to earth by the burdens of the world and can only watch as the birds freely fly by doing spectacular aerobatics as if taunting him.

The next painting shows man’s struggle to keep his head above water fully knowing that only death will free him.

That is it for this post the next will be my advancement to oils on canvas. I hope you enjoyed sharing.


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One thought on “My Early Paintings

  • Andrew Post author

    You could have been the new surrealisic painter had you carried on, if you did I would love to see more of your works up here.