About Me


   When I was a kid I did some art in school and some of it would end up on the wall. I liked what I did and from that time I continued with my love of art.

     I started with crayons, glue and soapflakes, and progressed to oils from acrylic paint.

     After years of amateur study (books, exhibits and experience), I started displaying my works and won local awards while selling many pieces in shows.

     I had a turning point in my life and a choice to move to the west coast to study 3D modelling and animation. I took the opportunity and eventually graduated from the course.

     Since that time I have been trying to refine my 3D modelling skills and at the same time continuing with my oil painting.

     What you see here is a small segment of my life that has made a big difference in it.  I hope you like what you see.