3D in Computer Graphics

This series of art is done mostly with zBrush, Maya, and Photoshop.

I graduated from the Visual College of Art and Design in Vancouver learning cg 3D imaging and animation.

The first is called Monster 810 and has been done differently by several other 3D artists.

The next 3D cg image is called Retro Space Scene done with Maya and zBrush.

The next one is a 3D image of a flying elephant.

The next 3D image is a caveman riding a dinosaur.

The next 3D cg image is a left handed guitar player…Ala but not necessarily Jimi Hendricks

And that concludes my expressions through art in computer generated 3D images. You can comment if you wish.

CG 3D animation

CG 3D animation

The last of my displays of computer generated 3D artwork is the animation portion. This is an animation I rendered in Photoshop […]

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