The last of my displays of computer generated 3D artwork is the animation portion. This is an animation I rendered in Photoshop for my graduation from the Visual College of Art and Design in Vancouver.

CG 3D animation

This series of art is done mostly with zBrush, Maya, and Photoshop. I graduated from the Visual College of Art and Design in Vancouver learning cg 3D imaging and animation. The first is called Monster 810 and has been done differently by several other 3D artists. The next 3D cg […]

3D in Computer Graphics

This second lot of oil paintings of nature and life is in landscape or horizontal canvas. The first on is of a grid road in Saskatchewan around Vanscoy that I have named “Winter Road”. The next is of a Busker playing the violin. Buskers are common in all major cities […]

Oil Paintings in Portrait

I have started over 100 paintings in oil on canvas and completed about a half of them. This first display is going to be a selection of oil paintings on canvasboard in portrait or vertical position of nature and life. The first one is a copse or grove of black […]

Oils Paintings on Canvas

My early years of paintings were with acrylics on posterboard which was a disaster. My next paintings were acrylics on canvasboard. I also changed my focus from rock & roll singers to mild surrealism depicting man’s futile attempt to free himself from the bounds of his earthly existence. The following […]

My Early Paintings